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Vehicular Homicide in Las Vegas Nevada

A vehicular homicide charge with three previous DUI offenses is a class “A” felony. A conviction could result in the following penalties:


  • A 25 year to life sentence with possibility of parole in a state prison. Parole eligible after 10 years served

  • Unrestricted fees and assessments required by statute

  • Mandatory attendance of the Victim Impact Panel

  • Ignition Interlock Device on any vehicle you own or operate for no less than 1 year and no more than 36 months starting after your release from prison

  • Loss of license for a minimum of 3 years


Anytime someone is injured or killed in an accident it is a frightening and grave situation. When DUI charges are added this already horrible situation becomes a serious criminal investigation with life altering consequences.


Throughout an investigation, mistakes can be made and blame can be wrongly placed. It’s our job as your criminal defense attorney to see that justice is done and no mistakes or false accusations are upheld.


When charged with a serious crime, you deserve a serious attorney with real courtroom experience. Call us today at 702.701.7800.

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