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Adam Vander Heyden is originally from Eagle, Wisconsin. After graduating from Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan, he has dedicated himself and his career to helping people through a difficult time in their lives as a criminal defense attorney.

Over the past 6 years, Adam has handled over 1100 DUI cases, resolved over 50,000 traffic tickets, and made thousands of court appearances for his clients.


Every day Adam’s focus is on protecting the constitutional rights of Nevada citizens, preventing abuses by the state, and ensuring that one mistake does not cost someone their life, career, or future.

Adam’s passion for criminal law carries over to the rest of his life as well. When he’s not in the courtroom Adam enjoys hiking, reading, playing hockey, and competing in NPC Mens’ Physique competitions. Adam believes firmly that you only get back what you put into something, which is why he puts everything he has into everything he does.


If you’re looking for an attorney who will treat your case, your life, with the respect and dedication it deserves then give Adam Vander Heyden a call today at 702.701.7800.



“Adam handled my case from start to finish. I was very afraid of what might happen if I were to be convicted of this charge. In the end, Adam was able to get the case completely dismissed and saved an opportunity for me to apply for the military. Without Adam’s representation I would very likely have been denied this opportunity. His office was very professional, his staff was friendly and courteous. I would recommend all my friends and family that have any traffic ticket or criminal case handled by Adam. He found the cure for my legal needs!”


“I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience or better representation than Adam provided. He made me feel comfortable and secure despite my circumstances. He made the process very easy for me and I’m thankful I had him on my case.”


“Adam took care of my tickets quickly, saving me both time and money. Couldn’t be happier with my experience with DUIDOCTOR.”


“Most pleasant experience working with an attorney I’ve ever had. Many thanks to Adam Vander Heyden and DUIDOCTOR for the great representation and saving my record! I will never use any other attorney.”


“Hiring DUI Doctor for my case was the best decision I made. You can tell Adam enjoys his job. I knew I was in good hands and am completely satisfied with the outcome of my case.”

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